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Beni Kovalsky

Senior Associate

Electrical Engineering from the Tel-Aviv University. Beni brings with him over 26 years of experience in technical sales, marketing and distribution of RF & Microwave/Telecom semiconductors and systems and possesses excellent product and market knowledge. Prior of founding Semix Engineering & Marketing Ltd. in 2003, Beni was the RF& Wireless division director at Avnet-Israel (former Gallium Electronics) and was responsible for the sales and marketing of leading companies like, M/A-COM, Agilent, Motorola, Philips, CEL/NEC, CSR and Powerwave. Beni has an excellent semiconductor & system product and market knowledge. During his career he gained extensive knowledge of the Israeli High-Tech market and maintains excellent personal connections at the executive management levels in leading Israeli, US and European High-Tech companies. Beni speaks fluent Hebrew, English, and German.

16 Hamelacha Street Dagem Building, Afek Industrial Park Rosh Ha’ain 48091 Israel