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You're an entrepreneur. You want to acquire a medium-sized business and invest in its growth. To facilitate this process, you need an honest, experienced advisor who has in deptj experience in mergers and acquisitions and business brokerage in Burlington County, NJ across almost every type of industry. Let the no-nonsense, business-savvy advisory team at RLS Associates guide you from acquisition strategy development to initial contact to completed acquisition.

Learn About Targeted Buy Side Search and Private Equity Services At RLS Associates, we represent a diverse team of entrepreneurs, private equity firms, and corporations with a proven history of successful mergers and acquisitions. We help these clients locate prospective businesses to buy, facilitate communication between buyers and sellers, analyze and evaluate the target companies and take a lead role in the negotiation and structuring of the transactions. We also help private equity firms in Burlington County, NJ to locate and invest in privately owned companies.

In all of our dealings, our team is known for its extensive experience and straightforward and reliable approach. We employ a team of experienced, senior-level investment bankers to add value to your buyer experience. We develop a highly efficient and focused targeted program and work with you personally to develop a thorough understanding of your objectives as a buyer, and maximize your chances for success.

Discover Our Network of Buyers and Sellers

Our experienced investment bankers maintain a strong and extensive network of well-qualified buyers and sellers in a variety of industries, including:


1. Building Products – Manufacturers and/or distributors of building products. Specific examples of interests include architectural millwork, trim, window, door and access hardware, products made from composites, advanced materials or chemicals used in construction, decorative products, structural components, etc.
2. Specialty Chemicals and Materials Manufacturing – Almost 100 buyers/investors for specialty chemicals businesses. Specific interests include: lubricants, paints, corrosion protective and performance enhancing coatings, process chemicals, advanced and/or composite materials, thermoplastic or thermoset materials, etc.
3. Food, Beverage and Snack Food Manufacturers – Particularly in specialty niches: dietary (dietetic, gluten free and low carbohydrate, etc.), ethnic cuisines, shelf stable sauces, dips, spices and flavorings, nutritionally enhanced beverages and waters, etc., but also in more commodity food, snack food and beverage products as well.
4. Medical or Dental Equipment/Device or Products Manufacturing – All sorts of medical and dental equipment (monitoring, surgical, implantable, therapeutic, etc.)
5. Personal Care Products and Accessories Manufacturers – Branded hair, skin, and nail care products and related accessories (combs, brushes, etc.), particularly interested in professional or professional quality products.
6. Sporting Goods, Physical Rehabilitation, Fitness and Leisure Products – Manufacturers of sporting goods, exercise equipment and/or rehabilitation devices/products and/or accessories, particularly those sold in aqua therapy. Also, outdoor product manufacturers in the hunting, fishing, boating, camping and other outdoor sports, and manufacturers of billiard, dart, games and other recreation products and accessories.
7. Outdoor Hunting, Fishing and Sporting Products Manufacturers – Areas of interest include: (1) firearms, (2) shooting supplies and accessories, (3) archery, (4) fishing, (5) related specialty apparel, (6) camping supplies and products, and (7) other related products.
8. Security Products – We have corporate buyers/investors interested in security system/product manufacturing, installation and repair service, access control hardware.
9. Packaging Specialty packaging manufacturers, particularly selling into medical, pharmaceutical, defense, electronics, and high end Consumer Packaged Goods.
10. Power Generation – Manufacturers of power generation systems, support systems, components, and/or field service.
11. Hobby, Art and Craft Supplies– Manufacturers and importers of hobby, art, craft and enthusiast supplies.
12. Industrial Components, Devices and Equipment – Electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers of components including, but not limited to: bearings, transformers, power supplies, motors, sensors, connectors, switches, blowers, hydraulics, filters, air handling, valves and pumps, etc.
13. Water Treatment Products – Municipal and Industrial clean and wastewater treatment system and component manufacturing and remanufacturing.
14. Instrumentation, Process Controls, Measuring, Metering and Testing Equipment & Components
15. Promotional, Gift and Advertising Products – Advertising Specialties, Promotional Products, and Executive Gifts Companies, particularly those who would benefit from offshore sourcing.
16. Pool and Aquatic/Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Products
– Manufacturers of pools, accessories and products used in conjunction with aquatic activities.
17. Roll Formers and Manufacturers of Tubular Products – Injection molded or extruded products or components made from synthetic materials, and manufacturers of high precision metal parts and assemblies.
18. Pet Products – Manufacturing or distribution arena, supplies, medicine, food (high end), training, etc.
19. Safety Equipment and Hand Tools Manufacturing and Distribution
20. Plastic, Synthetic Parts, and Precision Machined Products/Parts – Injection molded or extruded products or components made from synthetic materials, and manufacturers of high precision metal parts and assemblies.
21. Automotive Products and Specialties Manufacturers – Design and/or performance enhancing, automotive aftermarket products, particularly those sold through speed shops. Also, manufacturers of motorcycle and/or specialty or niche truck body types for utility and other markets.
22. Military/Aerospace/Marine Product Manufacturers – Manufacturers of products sold into the Defense or Aerospace industries, as well as any products with aerospace or marine applicability. Safety, navigation, sensors and advanced material technologies and products are also key areas of interest.
23. Luxury Goods – Ultra high-end consumer products and, in some instances, retail chain strategies.


1. Publishing and Information Management Companies – We have well-financed corporate and private equity fund buyers/investors/investors for Specialty Publishing and Other Information Products and Services, some of which have companies under management with sales in excess of $1 Billion. Primary main interests are data, publications or products sold through B2B channels, particularly if adaptable to telemarketing. Examples include: magazines, newsletters, trade publications, practice management pubs, online databases, business seminar companies, industrial safety information, etc.
2. Data and Document Management and Imaging Service Companies – Particularly, but not limited to: companies servicing litigation, insurance, medical, hospital and financial services firms.
3. Health Care Services – Most sectors are very active, including: Medical Imaging, Outsourced Diagnostics Services, Specialty Clinics (such as diabetes and wound care), Medical Staffing, Outsourced Billing, Collections, and/or Purchasing.
4. Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Services Providers
5. Specialty Contractors in the Building Trade Services and Maintenance – We have several corporate, entrepreneurial and equity fund buyers/investors interested in acquisitions in the facility/building related specialty trades (particularly Millwork, Stair, Railing, Flooring, and Cabinet Installation, HVAC and plumbing design/build renovation, retrofit and service and maintenance work).
6. Water Treatment Services – Municipal and Industrial clean and wastewater treatment services, and support services.
7. Security and Asset Protection Services and Monitoring – Corporate and private equity investors/buyers interested in security guard, alarm monitoring, enterprise network security or network monitoring service providers.
8. Integrated Data and Communications Service and Voice over IP (VoIP) – Systems integrators in telecomm or data, value-added resellers with high support and service components, as well as firms in hosted PBX and VoIP.
9. Staffing Companies – Particularly technical and IT staffing (either project/supplemental staffing based or long or short term temporary staffing).
10. Business Process Outsourcing – Collections, billing, payroll services, benefits management, etc.
11. Logistics – Third party logistics firms of all types and sizes, including supply chain/materials management and/or refrigerated transport and warehousing firms.
12. Publishing, Media, Communications and Entertainment – Specialty content (cable, radio or online), publications, and/or service providers who support direct channel providers.
13. Medical and Dental Laboratory Businesses
14. Education and Training – Training and K-12 Education Service Providers of all sorts. In particular, Vocational Training Schools (particularly those leading to a certification) and differentiated educational platforms for K-12.
15. Engineering and Specialty Consulting Companies


1. Hospital and Medical – Niche proprietary software platforms sold into the hospital market, which do not compete with the large vendors of mass market medical software.
2. Managed Service Providers of All Types
3. Security and Data Protection – Enterprise Network Security and Data Protection, Backup, Disaster Recovery, or Server Replication Software
4. Communication Software
5. Proprietary BPO Software Platforms – Software platforms which facilitate outsourcing of Business Processes.
6. Software and Software as a Service (SaaS)
7. Information Technology

No matter which industry you're involved in, we have multiple experienced advisors on our team who can help you to execute on this important growth initiative.

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